This Is What It Looks Like When Disney Princesses Swap Clothes Like Real-Life Friends


We know you've thought about it before: What if the Disney princesses were all friends in real life?

What if Elsa's go-to Friday night routine was watching Netflix and drinking boxed wine with Jasmine? What if Cinderella posted too many selfies with Pocahontas? And what if they had a clothes swap? What would Tiana look like in Elsa's blue crystal gown? How would Brave's Merida look rocking Mulan's set of armor? 

Imagine no more, because 25-year-old artist Dylan Bonner has done the work for you.

In a charming set of images, which debuted exclusively on E! Online, Bonner has not only drawn the princesses in different outfits, but also placed them in one another's worlds to create a remarkable alternate reality. According to Bonner, a whole lot of thought went into which princess could feasibly fit into which world without losing her signature (or her feminist power).

"I spent a lot of time trying different character swaps trying to think which ones would make sense for their personalities/interests," Bonner told Mic via email. "I didn't want this to look like the characters simply swapped heads. I wanted them to stay themselves."

"Mulan and Merida are feminist warriors, so I knew I did not want them put into big puffy dresses, because that wouldn't be them," he continued. "They need their weapons because they're essentially extensions of themselves. Just like Elsa keeping her ice powers or Tiana keeping her chef skills. They wouldn't be themselves without them." 

Inspiration from the princesses, no matter how old: Bonner has been drawing since he was five years old, and he recalled first dabbling into Disney art when he drew the entire Little Mermaid movie on paper plates. Ariel has a long been a clear favorite.

"Her energy that Glen Keane (her lead animator) gave her is endlessly inspiring," he said. He even moved down from Michigan to Orlando for college, where he attended Disney College Program, which only reaffirmed his love. With an Instagram following of more than 32,000, it's clear that Bonner has found a passionate set of fans who are all touched by his enthusiasm for the Disney world.

"I think the strong reaction comes from the personal connection people have with these characters," he said. "They mean so many different things to people of all ages, cultures, races, genders, etc. I think what may draw them in would be seeing something they love that now relates to them more closely than before."

Dylan Bonner

Before this set of images, which Bonner started as sketches before recreating them digitally, Bonner was known for bringing his artistic touch to pop culture and current events alike. He's live-drawn the Met Gala (making Rihanna a fan) and brought in his favorite animated ladies for a print to benefit the Human Rights Campaign. 

He even put his special spin on the best Cinderella remake that has ever existed: the 1997 film starring Whitney Houston and Brandy Norwood.

Regardless of what comes next for this talented artist, he knows where to go for a little inspiration: "If I have artist block or I need a fun escape, I turn to Disney."