Dave Matthews Band New Album 2015: Everything We Know About Next Studio Release


Dave Matthews Band doesn't have fans, they have devout worshippers. And those devout worshippers have been waiting patiently since 2012 for the band to bless them with a new studio album. 

DMB was in the studio at the beginning of the summer, but put recording on hold for their summer tour. Since then, Dave Matthews has enough music written to release several albums, he told Rolling Stones, but nothing feels quite right yet.

"I go on a lot of tangents, so I've been doing some writing, and I certainly could fill the space of several albums with music that I've made. But I haven't yet fallen in love with the whole thing. I'm in love with parts of it," he said.

Drummer Carter Beauford told a fan in August 2014 the band would go back into the studio later that year. 

Known for his live performances and because the band lets concertgoers record their music, Matthews doesn't put a lot of weight in producing studio albums. "We've always let people record our music, so probably they'll end up getting some of it anyway if they just tape the shows or we put some live releases out," Matthews told Rolling Stones. "But at some point, we'll have an album that we'll put out for whatever reason people still do that."

The band has a history of testing out possible tracks for a live audience before deciding whether to include it in an album. This summer, they debuted the song "Black and Blue Bird" on The Late Show With David Letterman. Matthews told Rolling Stone he really likes the song because it "tied trite love lines together with frustration." The tune is on the smoother, more acoustic side of the band's spectrum. 

The version of the song played on Letterman may not be the one we hear on the album, though. Matthews said in the interview that the band often re-records songs in the studio after playing with them while on the road. He also mentioned the band has been working on a piano tune called "Death on the High Seas," and a few other songs that the band plans to debut while overseas in Europe.