iPhone iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist: Here's How to Turn Off the Feature Costing You Your Data


If you're one of the many iOS 9 iPhone users without unlimited data and you also experience panic-inducing messages whenever monthly data is tapped out, there could be an explanation for your data's disappearing act. 

Wi-Fi Assist, a staple addition to iOS 9, was designed to promote smooth Internet connectivity. The feature automatically switches a user from using Wi-Fi to drawing on device data in the event of a poor or weak connection. For users with limited data plans, that can make trawling the Web outrageously expensive, according to iDigitalTimes

Here's how to disable the data-sucking feature: 

1. Under the settings menu, hit "Cellular." 

2. Scroll down and switch the "Wi-Fi Assist" toggle to off. 

3. Once disabled, the device will no longer automatically use mobile data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor.

IOS 9, which debuted on Sept. 16, is Apple's most advanced operating system to date. The update gets users a built-in news app, enhances Siri's capabilities and introduce proactive suggestions to boost multitasking. Operationally, Apple claims iOS 9 enhances a device's performance, battery life and security.