Lolo Jones Virgin: Tim Tebow and Lolo Jones Are a Match Made in Heaven


Lolo Jones, the American track and field athlete who was favored to win the 100 m hurdles at the 2008 Beijing Olympics but tripped on the penultimate hurdle and finished in seventh place, said she’d like to meet NFL New York Jets’ newly minted quarterback and fellow virgin Tim Tebow.

30-year-old Jones has admitted that remaining a virgin has been “the hardest thing she’s ever done” (even harder than training for the Olympics). That is why the track and field beauty said she’d like to meet fellow sexual abstinent Tebow – if only to support each other in their shared choice of remaining pure.

Jones revealed she remains a virgin in a 2012 segment on HBO's Real Sports, during which she also said she dates online  – which makes it more difficult to keep her intentions of remaining a virgin until marriage (something she, nonetheless, said she’s “very proud of”).

And to those who think the supposedly crazy parade of wild orgies at the Olympic Village is making Lolo’s task of remaining a virgin even harder, there are news. Jones has denied the 100,000 condoms rumors are false, as she and her roommates have not participated nor witness such thing. “I’m in a suite with seven girls, and I guess we don’t have any sluts on the team,” Lolo says. “I haven’t seen any hookups. I’m sure it’s going on, though, but I haven’t heard any juicy details yet.”

However, Lolo’s post-Olympic plans of meeting good boy Tim Tebow remain in place. Apparently, the athletic beauty wants to do some bonding with her fellow virgin. “You always think you’re the last virgin on earth,” she explained. “I respect his journey, and any virgin I just love talking to them and sharing the journey and the frustration.”