Disclosure "Magnets" Lyrics: Lorde Plays Other Woman in Latest Video Off 'Caracal'


English electronic music duo Disclosure teamed up with Lorde for their latest music video, which involves everything from a raunchy affair to a vengeful murder by the latex-suited "Royals" singer. The video, published on Disclosure's YouTube Tuesday afternoon, coincides perfectly with the lyrics from "Magnets," which center around a relationship gone wrong and an affair gone even worse. The video follows the Friday release of Disclosure's latest album, Caracal


In the song, Lorde sings over a heavy bass and synthesized beat, sometimes staring menacingly at her lover, and at others looking at him with lust.


"He was talking, I was wondering 'bout you and that girl, she your girlfriend?," the 18-year-old sings. "Face from heaven, bet the world she don't know/ Pretty girls don't know the things that I know." Check out the full lyrics from Genius here, and watch the new video for "Magnets" below:

Disclosure discussed their appreciation for Lorde's performing with them at the 2015 Brit Awards in February, telling Pitchfork earlier this month it was their joint performance that eventually led to the collaboration on "Magnets." 

"We ... knew she was a really good singer," Disclosure's Howard Lawrence told Pitchfork. "And she's really nice as well, which is cool. When we had nearly finished the record, we got this call from her saying that she was in London and wanted to get in the studio, so we went in not really expecting anything."