This Engaged Couple's Gut-Wrenching Conversation Exposes Harmful Myths About Bisexuality


One of the most pervasive (and harmful) myths of bisexuality is the idea that a bisexual person is more likely to be unfaithful, simply because they're attracted to both sexes. Of course, the idea that bisexual people are more likely to cheat is a big ol' pile of garbage, but some people may nevertheless find themselves inadvertently perpetuating the myth, due to their own insecurities or their lack of understanding about sexuality.

Which brings us to Lynette and Corey, an engaged couple who recently sat down in front of cameras to have a brutally honest conversation for The And, a video project that films emotionally charged conversations between couples.

In the verbal exchange between Lynette and Corey, shit officially gets real when Lynette's sexual history with other women comes up.


Lynette assures Corey that her last same-sex relationship ended long before she ever met him (not that she should have had to, 'cause it's not really his business who she slept with before him, but what can you do). 

But Corey remains confused and upset about the fact that she, a woman, ever had the capacity to forsake the D. So he presses the question.

Lynette concedes that she had *maybe* made out with her ex during an off period, and then Corey is all, "So you're entitled to make out with your ex-girlfriend because she was a girl?" And Lynette is like, "No, that's not how that works." And the spirit of Ross Gellar appears and is like, "We were on a break!" (Kidding. But that's probably what should have happened.)

Corey then expresses concern that Lynette's previous interest in women might resurrect itself at some point during their marriage. 


Finally, after taking a moment of silence, Lynette assuages Corey's concerns and expresses her thoughts on the matter. Her response highlights just how difficult it can be to navigate the world as an openly sexually fluid person when society demands that people pick a side between gay and straight.


Well said, sister. 

Fighting harmful myths: The video addresses some fairly common misconceptions about bisexual people, such as the idea that they're somehow more promiscuous than heterosexual people or more fickle because they can't "pick a side." As Lynette shows in the video, it's often difficult to communicate to people that sexuality isn't a binary, and that just because she was attracted to women in the past doesn't mean that she can't also be attracted to men in the future. 

Props to Lynette for keeping her cool and gracefully addressing Corey's concerns. And you know what? Props to Straight Corey too. Even though boyfriend got a hell of a lot wrong about the nature of sexual fluidity at first, it's nice to know that he was willing to learn from and trust his soon-to-be-bride.

Watch the full 10-minute video below: