An Artist Came Up with the Best Way to Deal With Exes Contaminating Your Facebook Pics


When it comes to post-breakup social media maneuvers, there are two kinds of people in this world: those who untag/delete/burn every picture with their ex to the damn ground, and those who are just like ¯\_(?)_/¯.

But now there's a third type of person!

Behold: People who replace the heads of their exes with the heads of celebrities. Like, for instance, Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan:

Kaitlin Kelly

And Megan Fox:

Kaitlin Kelly

Kaitlin Kelly, a 25-year-old photographer and TV writer in Los Angeles, came up with the idea when she realized that many of her favorite snapshots had suffered an untimely death because they featured long-gone baes of yore.

"I was cleaning off my hard drive, lamenting that I had a lot of great photos of myself with my exes, neither of whom I really want to be reminded of," Kelly told Mic. "[My friend] was like 'Uh, dude, you should just super-realistically photoshop them out.' So I did."

But rather than do a makeshift subpar Photoshop job and just chop her ex-BF out of the photo altogether, Kelly decided to trade his face in for a shiny new one. One with less emotional baggage. One like, say, that of a certain Fifty Shades of Grey hunk.

"It was really the perfect idea and I had a great, silly time doing it," Kelly said. "It's not the most original idea and I never was trying to fool anybody with the photos — some people have thought they were real, which is a delight — but because they do look realistic, to me it makes it funnier than your standard cut-and-paste job. I posted them online and it just exploded."

Naturally, it wasn't long before her friends were all, "Do me! Do me!"

And thus a booming business was born:

Kaitlin Kelly
Kaitlin Kelly
Kaitlin Kelly

Since the story has gotten so much Internet attention, Kelly's inbox has exploded with requests from strangers looking for their own Extreme Makeover: Ex-to-Celebrity Edition. 

"A lot of the emails are just asking for a price, but so many of them are people's beautiful, heartbreaking or hilarious stories of divorce and relationships-gone-wrong," she said. "It feels very strange but connective, knowing all of these people's stories just because I got tipsy one night and am good at Photoshop."

But Kelly isn't bothered by strangers over-sharing their breakup stories with her. In fact, she feels her viral fame has given her a new outlook on the power of sharing silly thoughts and stories online. "I feel like the Grinch whose heart has grown several sizes," she said.

Kelly declined to tell us if she has any plans to develop an R-rated version on the service in which you can swap out the dicks of your ex-lovers' sexts with, say, Justin Bieber's recently-unearthed peen. But we're guessing that if she doesn't provide the service, someone else will soon enough.

h/t BuzzFeed