Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal Will Actually Boost Her Career


By now, you may have seen tabloids and newspapers covered with images of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the aftermath of her affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Kristen Stewart, once having the reputation for being difficult, quiet, and all-around boring, has surely released herself from this role with her most recent cheating fiasco. Though the press may be bad, there is one thing for certain – we cannot stop talking about her.

Stewart’s cheating has instigated an intense hatred for her, especially among the Twilight fan community, but this this scandal may actually be working in her favor. By leveraging her scandal, there is no doubt that Stewart can become an even bigger star and more financially successful. Her stardom may have already began, as outside sources have already confirmed that despite this situation, the film industry is still willing to cast her in a lead role. It is also confirmed that she has already gotten the lead role in a new film Lie Down In Darkness, despite being up against Hunger Games starlet, Jennifer Lawrence, for the part.

This success for Stewart begs the question if celebrity scandals are equated to financial success? It is hard to imagine that infidelity can actually quick start a career. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s latest scandal, however, definitely raked in a lot of money and press for Katie Holmes. Currently, there are even already a few films in their early development stages interested in casting her, including two independent films Molly and The Seagull. Unlike Stewart, who has been dubbed the "most hated woman in America," Holmes has received acclaim for being charitable and an attentive mother.

Gaining success from these scandals is no stranger to actor Charlie Sheen, either. Exposed for his overt drug usage, alcoholism, infidelity, and multiple partners, Sheen has gained worldwide recognition and has become a face for rebellion and careless attitudes everywhere. In the aftermath of his scandal, he has been invited to give speeches, guest star in television shows, go on his own tour entitled Winning, and has been invited to write his own book. Sheen's recent financial success has been tied directly to the exposure of his personal life, similar to so many stars before and after him.

So many celebrities recently have followed the "No press is bad press" mantra with the exposure of multiple scandals. What once was something to be covered up is now the source of financial success for so many individuals, and all we can do is follow their newly prosperous careers along with them.