Kanye West Says 'F*ck You' to Game Developers Behind Freemium Apps

You know pay-to-win games, those soul-sucking apps that seem only to exist in order to drain your wallet one $1 power-up at a time?

It turns out Kanye West hates them too.

In posts to Twitter, the hip-hop mogul gave a big ol' middle finger to companies that pair children's games with in-app purchases. West's daughter, North West, apparently ran up an upsetting bill while playing an iPad game.

While the pay-to-win model is mind-bogglingly profitable, there are no shortage of people whose feelings on the matter square with West's. Last year, South Park devoted an entire episode to trashing the "freemium" model as a perversion of traditional gameplay mechanics.

South Park/Mashable
South Park/Mashable

Including a pay-to-win system in a child's game in the hopes they'll unknowingly spend their parent's money might seem particularly greedy. But anyone who pays more than $100 for a fake sack of gems is kind of a child anyhow, right?