Anderson Cooper Cheating Scandal: Boyfriend Ben Maisani Caught Kissing Another Man

Just one month after CNN's Anderson Cooper came out publically as gay, he finds himself embroiled in an equally public scandal. Cooper's long-term boyfriend Ben Maisani was photographed this weekend locking lips with a dark-haired man in a New York park. 

The news comes quickly on the heels of rumors that Cooper and Maisani may have been planning to marry as early as Labor Day. 

Cooper and the 39-year-old Maisani, who owns gay bar Eastern Bloc in New York's East Village, have reportedly been dating for three years. 

The couple live together in Cooper's converted fire station townhouse and were encouraged to marry by Cooper's mother Gloria Vanderbilt. 

Cooper's sexuality was an openly kept secret in the television industry but he came out to the public in July saying, "The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn't be more happy."

Cooper attended a concert at UN headquarters on Sunday for World Humanitarian Day, looking typically together and unfrazzled. Anderson Cooper Cheating Scandal: Boyfriend Caught Kissing Another Man

In the wake of the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, this feels like the same old story with a new spin.