Apple iPhone 7: News and Rumors on Features and Release Date


Although Apple unveiled iPhone 6s in September, reports are already circulating the Web about the next edition in Apple's line of smartphones. The iPhone 7 is rumored to have some exciting new features and to be unveiled alongside the second wearable tech gadget from the company, the Apple Watch 2.

However, a quick search through social media not only shows conflicting specs for Apple's rumored iPhone, but design images that seem to be far from similar.

A Sept. 25 YouTube video shows both an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 6s Plus will continue to work after being submerged in water for at least an hour. Forbes notes the added resistance to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus compared to previous models could indicate the next iPhone will be 100% waterproof.

Tech site GeekSnack appears to support this claim, adding that the new phone's outer casing could possibly even be dust-proof as well. According to the site, Apple developers are creating waterproof charging and headphone ports.

iDigitalTimes reports the phone may lend its waterproof functionality to a new, non-metallic casing and could feature wireless charging and speakers on the front of the phone, a feature current iPhones do not have. 

The site also points to a September 2016 unveiling and release date, which would work in accordance with the company's tradition of fall releases. None of the iPhone 7's (nor the Apple Watch 2's) specs have been confirmed by Apple yet, but as 2016 approaches, Apple fans and tech consumers around the world await the highly anticipated release. The iPhone 6s has already shattered sales records for the company with over 13 million devices sold in the three days after the launch, according to Engadget.