Tom Daley Gay Rumors: Mom Says Diver Never Had a Proper Girlfriend


English Olympic diver Tom Daley’s mom Debbie Daley has said her son “never had a proper girlfriend.”

The 18-year-old London 2012 Olympic bronze medalist, who lost to USA’s David Boudia and China’s Qui Bo in the 10-meter platform competition, has become quite the international sensation thanks to his performance in and out of the swimming pool.

And, as it has been the case with other Olympians, such as Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and David Boudia, Daley’s success (and abs) have prompted online speculation about his personal life – specifically his relationship status.

But those who fear Daley is already taken by rumored girlfriend Kadissy Cook (who attended the diver’s 10-meter platform competition and tweeted, "Words cannot describe how proud I am of Tom Daley.") don't need to worry.

Daley’s mom denied the diver and Cook are in a serious relationship by stating, “He's never had a proper girlfriend -- well, not one that he's told me about!" She denied, however, some of Daley's rumored grooming habits. "He doesn't use fake tan or sunbeds. He moisturizes because if he doesn't the chlorine dries out his skin, but that's his limit. The one thing he worries about is whether his teeth are white enough. I tell him if they were any whiter he'd look really freaky," Mrs. Daley added. 

The story highlights the shift to the athletes' personal life as the competitions conclude and the fit guys and gals go back to their countries to do the media rounds and endorse the multitude of services and products which will sponsor them all the way to Rio 2016.