Paul Ryan Hottest VP Pick Ever: Paul Ryan Shirtless and Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Memes Go Viral


When she saw Paul Ryan's picture, the first words out of my 19-year-old daughter's mouth were, "He's handsome." Handsome has a different ring than "hot," but Paul Ryan's also getting "hot," "hottie," "ripped," "six-pack," and has inspired a Paul Ryan Gosling tumblr that's not exactly pro-Ryan policies, but is pro-Ryan hotness.

Ryan is probably used to this type of attention. He was voted Prom King in high school, and he was given the coveted job of driving the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, a role typically given to attractive men and women. 

TMZ has pronounced Ryan as the hottest Veep pick ever. Buzzfeed has a hot picture of Paul Ryan with his right hand in his suit jacket in a much sexier way than Napoleon ever did. Memes like "OMG his eyes are pools of sex. Hot sex," are everywhere. 

Men seem a little bit jealous. A P90X enthusiast, Ryan is reportedly "cut and ripped," with 6-8% body fat. Here's a news bulletin: Not every man with dark hair and a widow's peak looks like Eddie Munster.

Paul Ryan might even look a little bit like the imaginary Christian Grey. At the very least, if they are casting a film featuring Paul Ryan, Matt Bomer is a sure thing for the part.

Here are 10 reasons Paul Ryan may be the hottest VP pick ever:

1) Ryan's favorite music is generation-crossing hard and loud, like Rage Against the Machine and Led Zeppelin.

2) He can even rock a light gray suit and orange tie.


3) "Come hither" looks seem to come naturally to him.


4) He will embrace grannies before he pushes them off cliffs.


5) He retains a boyish and youthful charm even when performing boring official duties.

6) He can play a mean game of flag football with other legislators.


7) "Paul Ryan shirtless" is one of the hottest searches on the internet. This is the closest available picture so far.


8) He's a bow hunter and reportedly noodles catfish, which is featured on Animal Planet's Hillbilly Handfishing show.


9) Even conservative business publication Barron's is getting in on the act. According to them, Ryan is making Medicare sexy again. In real life, however, Paul is married to tax attorney Janna Little, and they have three children, Elizabeth, Charles and Samuel.

 Then there's the viral stuff: 


... more of which can be found here.