Texas A&m Shooting: 3 Dead, Including Police Officer, Near TAMU Campus


CNN has reported police took a man into custody on Monday after "multiple people" were shot near Texas A&M University.

Authorities from the Rhonda Seaton of the College Station Police Department said "several law enforcement officers" are among the wounded, though it wasn't confirmed immediately how many are the injured and whether any of them is in critical condition. 

Officials said, however, a person identified as the gunman was in custody. The identity or description of the man has not revealed yet. 

This happens less than a week after the Sikh temple shooting in Milwaukee and just a few weeks after the tragic Aurora, Colorado, shooting at a midnight premiere showing of the film The Dark Knight Rises.


4:38 pm: The gunman was killed by police after he shot five people, killing two (including a peace officer who was attempting to serve him an eviction notice). The gunman then pinned down responding officers, wounding one as well as a civilian. Two other officers were treated for non life threatening injuries -- reported ABC.

4:16 pm: Early reports said officers may have been serving an eviction notice when gunfire broke out. 

4:13 pm: CNN has reported 3 killed in the shooting, as confirmed by Rhonda Seaton, a spokeswoman with the College Station police department. 

4:07 pm: Police said a College Station police officer and another woman also were injured in the shooting.

4:03 pm: Police confirmed two have died, including one civilian and a constable identified as Brian Bachmann and pronounced dead at an area hospital shortly after the shooting.

3:53 pm: 3 people killed, including the shooter, has reported KBTX in its Facebook page.

3:50 pm: One of the fatal victims of the shooting was a police officer, authorties confirmed

3:44 pm: A second person has been reported dead -- though police has not confirmed the information yet.

3:39 pm: At least one person has been killed and six have been wounded. A witness, Will Hatheway, told KBTX that he heard 30 shots fired. He also said that police officers were taking cover behind their vehicles and ordering residents back into their homes.

3:19 pm: Precedents to the shooting include a 1996 University of Texas shooting by engineering student Charles Whitman who shot and killed 13 people and wounded 32 when he opened fired with a sniper rifle from the 28th floor observation deck just below the university’s clock tower. 

3:16 pm: The AP reported that the university issued an alert on its website just before 12:30 p.m. Monday warning of an active shooter near the campus football stadium. The warning tells residents and students to avoid the area. The shooting reportedly happened within a block or two of campus sometime before 12:45 p.m. College Station lies about 90 miles northwest of Houston.

3:10 pm: Texas A&M University reported on its website that an "active shooter" is in custody in the area of the school. At least two people apparently have been injured, according to local media.

3:02 pm: The university had warned people to stay away from the intersection of Welborn Road and George Bush Drive as well as part of Fidelity Drive in College Station, Texas.