Texas A&M Shooting: 3 Killed, Including Constable, Near TAMU


Police have apprehended a shooter near Texas A&M University after the gunman shot multiple people killing three, including a constable. At this point it is unclear exactly how many were shot, or what the nature of their injuries are. The university issued a “Code Maroon” alert to alert the campus of the danger. Early reports are that at least two police officers are among those who have been shot. The City of College Station Police Department said it will be holding a press conference momentarily.

In 2011, the Texas state legislature attempted to enact a law that would have allowed students, professors, and other university personnel to carry licensed concealed handguns on campus.

At the University of Texas in 1966, engineering student Charles Whitman shot and killed 13 people and wounded 32 when he opened fired with a sniper rifle from the 28th floor observation deck just below the university’s clock tower. 

This happens less than a week after the Sikh temple shooting in Milwaukee and just a few weeks after the tragic Aurora, Colorado, shooting at a midnight premiere showing of the film The Dark Knight Rises.

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