David Boudia Girlfriend: Diver Not Gay, And Other Personal Revelations


David Boudia, the American diver who defied conventional wisdom by defeating China’s Qiu Bo and England’s Tom Daley conquering gold in the London 2012 Olympics 10-meter platform final, has just given his fans a sample of what his tastes are in music, books, movies and TV shows.

Boudia, who became an instant sensation after his amazing London 2012 feat, has prompted online speculation about his personal life – as it’s the case with popular and successful Olympians once the rigors of the competition are over. The 23-year-old Indiana native proposed last May to Sonnie Brand, ending speculations about his relationship status and sexual orientation.

And now, the Purdue University student has offered his loving worldwide fans an additional glimpse into his personal life by revealing the songs, books, movies and TV shows the Olympian carries around in trips while he is training and competing in this highly demanding discipline.     

“I have over 2,000 songs on my phone that travel with me everywhere, and my headphones are constantly in my ears,” Boudia said. “I listen to music all the time. The genre of music is so sporadic [sic] that it’s so hard to apply — I listen to anywhere from rap to hip-hop to country to Michael Bublé, a lot of Christian music — all over the place,” the diver added.

Boudia, the first American man to win gold in the event since the legendary Greg Louganis at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, said he has a special playlist he listens to as he prepares for competition. “I start out with the Dubstep remix of [AC/DC's] 'Thunderstruck,' and then I build in some Jack Johnson and Michael Bublé to kind of calm me down after the dive."

The diver also revealed what are the books, movies and TV shows he keeps on his iPad to entertain him during his many international trips. “I’ve been watching a lot of movies [on my iPad] because I just moved into my house and I have no cable yet. The last two I saw was Safe House with Denzel Washington and then Contraband with Mark Wahlberg. I love Miracle, always an inspirational movie to watch. And then Shawshank Redemption.”

As for television, Boudia favors HBO’s Band of Brothers. “I love war movies, and I love things about war. I love the action. I love the fighting. I like the background stories on the guys. Just entertaining,” he said. In the books department, Boudia says he only reads “spiritual books” (he is currently reading A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller). And as for gaming, the diver favors Call of Duty, Bejeweled, TetrisNeed for Speed, and Line Runner.