Obama Black Vote 2012: African Americans Should Quit Hating on President


In November 2008, America elected its first African-American president, a moment which sent a feeling of pride and relief throughout the African-American community. African-Americans felt that their prayers had finally been answered. Barack Obama wasn’t just a black man, but a man who was actually human, as opposed to a typical politician. 

As time passed, however, unemployment among African Americans remained high (14.1% in July 2010, while the national average is 8.3%), and other issues that impact the African-American community seemed to stay the same. Many have criticized President Obama for not doing enough to help the African-American community. Considering what President Obama had to come into, and what he’s had to deal with these last four years, I believe he’s done the he could for all Americans.

In an exclusive interview with Black Enterprise, President Obama mentioned how he and his administration have put broad-based programs in place that have had huge benefits for African-Americans and African-American businesses. He outlined how the bailouts of the auto industry and the stimulus have been particularly beneficial to African-Americans. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but the stimulus plan and different tax credits helped me and my child out. The student loan rehabilitation program which Obama instituted is helping me get my student loans back, so I can get back in school.Take one look at Obama's YouTube channel and you'll see that there are many other working-class African-Americans like me who are benefiting from  President Obama's policies. In Lauryn Hill’s Everything is Everything, she says, “Things come slow or not at all.” What people don’t always understand is that any positive change is good, whether big or small. You can’t change the world overnight. How can anyone fix all of the old and new problems that exist in a country in only four years, when it took way longer to get out of whack?

President Barack Obama is the first president we’ve had in recent memory who seems to put the American people above plain  politics. He seems truly committed to  helping and changing lives. Keep in mind, even though he is the president, he still only has so much say. Congress can still override vetoes and money still talks, whether you like it or believe it.

President Obama may not always make popular decisions, and things may not always go according to plan, but he’s done his best with what he’s got. I’d rather have four more years of a President who is truly trying to help me as opposed to ... well ... Romney.