"Pepsi Perfect" Sells Out on 'Back to the Future' Day and the Internet Is Furious


Beverage giant Pepsi learned Wednesday the age-old lesson "no good deed goes unpunished" after trying to do something nice for fans of the cult-classic trilogy Back to the Future

Local television station WQAD reported that Pepsi originally promised fans Tuesday night it would release 6,500 bottles of "Pepsi Perfect," a beverage featured in 1989's Back to the Future Part II, where characters Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown time travel to Oct. 21, 2015. When some fans were unable to get their hands on one of the valued collectables, they wreaked havoc on social media. 

Some took out their anger in Amazon reviews, threatening to boycott the brand and attacking the product's design:

"Stayed up hoping I could snag one at MIDNIGHT ... even after following them on Twitter and trying to try every link ... seems these were sold out before anyone could actually buy them ... very disappointing. Looks like I will continue to NOT drink Pepsi," one reviewer wrote.

"Not happy with the release. What's the point of all the hype just to disappoint customers and fans," wrote another disappointed fan.

One reviewer even got technical about the product's authenticity. "No worries to those of us who expected this launch to be handled properly ... and waited ... and didn't get a bottle because it was released early," they wrote. "No worries. The label art doesn't even match the one in BTTF 2. So it's not "as seen" in Bttf 2. They couldn't even get that right." Yeah, they went there.

Other disappointed fans expressed themselves on Twitter:

The product was priced at $20.15 on Amazon, according to WDAQ, hence the year 2015, and is supposed to be a replica of the 16.9-ounce bottle the film's main characters were served at "Cafe 80's." 

For die-hard fans who are willing to dish out some serious cash to collect Pepsi Perfect, some are now selling the bottles on eBay for hundreds of dollars.