Here's Lil' Mouse's New Diss Track of Slim Jesus "Nail 'Em to the Cross"

The Internet ripped apart 18-year-old Slim Shady wannabe Slim Jesus in September after the Hamilton, Ohio native released his debut music video "Drill Time," which involved fake guns, gold chains and derogatory lyrics about women and drugs. The rookie rapper also received attention in the form of diss tracks from a fellow young rapper, 17-year-old Chicago native Lil' Mouse, who threw shade at Slim Jesus in a freestyle released in September. Lil' Mouse doubled down Friday when he dropped a second Slim Jesus diss track called "Nail 'Em to the Cross."

The track's title alone suggests Lil' Mouse, whose real name is Mouse Myers, wants to see Slim crucified. He boldly opens the diss by repetitively chanting, "Fuck that lil' white boy that think I'm racist."  

Lil' Mouse's beef with Slim Jesus was triggered by the subject of "Drill Time," he told Vlad TV in September. The song refers to a certain Chicago "drill" lifestyle that non-Chicago natives who haven't experienced it — namely Slim Jesus — shouldn't be rapping out, according to Lil' Mouse. What exactly that "drill" lifestyle entails is unclear, but drill music is an up-and-coming rap genre coined by Chicago rappers like Chief Keef and Lil Durk that involves trap beats and violent lyrics. 

Watch Slim Jesus' "Drill Time" below: