Marble Nails Are the New Nail Trend You Won't Be Able to Escape


Nail trends this year have been particularly ridiculous. First there were "aquarium nails." Then, the painful-looking "bubble nails." Recently, there are nails that look like iridescent shards of glass

But the year's latest trend is more refined. It's about minimalism. It's about sleekness. It's about something hipsters across the world have an oddly enthusiastic affinity for lately: white marble. 

Let's call them "marble nails." To attest to the popularity of white marble in today's aesthetic-obsessed age, go ahead and search "white marble" on Instagram and you'll find an assortment of more than 9,000 posts of visually pleasing, coffee-shop still lifes on white marble tables. 

Weird, right? There's just something clean-looking about it, we suppose. The love for white marble may stem from a modern obsession with all things minimalist, from white sheets to basic white sneakers to white brick walls to, oh, all of our Apple products. 

The love of marble has now extended beyond bathroom countertops and West Elm side tables to all of our accessories. From hats to phone cases to candles to jewelry, it seems like every accessory is going to go all white, off-white and gray by the end of fall. Nothing is safe.


That's not exactly a bad thing. In fact, as far as wild nail trends go, this one is rather attractive. Sure, it seems overdone and nearly cliche now that you realize that white marble has expanded to laptop skins, but it's wearable. As opposed to "bubble nails," for instance, these are especially understated.

Which means you can prepare yourself for the coming onslaught of hipsters across the land Instagram posting pictures of their marble nails next to or on top of some marble-laden accessory.

In fact, it's already begun...