These Are The Sexiest Halloween Costumes, According to Pornhub Data


Remember in Mean Girls when Cady showed up to a Halloween party as a bloody, gross, zombie-esque "ex-wife" because she missed the memo that "Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it"?

Turns out she might have had the right idea after all.

Such is the surprising takeaway from a batch of spooky new Pornhub data about people's Halloween porn-searching habits. While one might assume that the insidious sexy Halloween costume trend carries over into porn searches, according to the data (which was produced in collaboration with Mic), the most popular searches are a hell of a lot more horrific than Regina George's infamous bunny-like ensemble

When Halloween approaches, Pornhub reports, "Devil" sees an 846% increase in searches, while "vampire," "zombie," "witch," "Dracula" and "horror" all outperform their less ghoulish counterparts of "schoolgirl" or "cheerleader." Standard sexy Halloween costumes like "naughty nurse" and "Playboy bunny" don't even crack the top 20, their sex appeal ghoulishly usurped by search terms like "demon" and "monster."


While it's unclear whether these results hold water outside the holiday season, the fact that people are jerking off their Halloweiners to such ghastly themed porn suggests that the appeal of the "sexy" Halloween costumes might be vastly overrated. NB, ladies: There's no need to try and sex up Donald Trump, green poop or Pizza Rat.

Additionally, the data tells us that typing "Halloween" into the porn search bar is a thing that people do during this time of year, ostensibly because their genitals are feeling festive. The result is a line graph with a pointy bell curve that actually looks like a ghost, kind of, if you squint and think evil thoughts while looking at it:


In conclusion: Bust out your laptops, ladies and gentleman, and enjoy all the dark, evil, bloody, ghoulish Halloween porn while you can! Christmas will be here before you know it, which 'tis the season for porn clips with titles like "I Saw Mommy Eating Santa Claus" and "Fucking Mrs. Claus's butt." The Internet is both a delightful and terrifying place.

h/t Pornhub Insights