If Millennials Do Not Come Out to Vote, Romney Ryan 2012 Will Ruin America


Mitt Romney has chosen Representative Paul Ryan to join the republican ticket against President Obama. The Romney/Ryan ticket has the alliteration that the Obama/Biden ticket just can’t compete with. In all seriousness, however, Romney’s choice could potentially be disastrous for the country. Let’s recap what Paul Ryan believes. 

Ryan will cap and cut the Medicare program, which provides health insurance to the elderly. Currently the federal government foots the bill, paying the costs associated with anyone under Medicare with federal tax dollars. Paul Ryan however would cap the amount the government would pay at $7,400. When health costs go up as they are expected to, Medicare patients would have to pay out of pocket. The average Medicare beneficiary’s income is $20,000 asking them to even pay $1,000 out of pocket would be detrimental.

For this reason, and many other, the 2012 election matters. Young people need to get out and vote. Despite the widespread voter suppression that is occurring in many states where it is legal to register with your gun ID but not with a school ID, students need to vote. Allowing Romney to win the presidency will drastically change the course of America. According to the Washington Post Paul Ryan has voted against Pell Grants. Ryan “voted repeatedly against increasing Pell Grants, which provide need-based grants to low-income undergraduate and certain post-baccalaureate students to promote access to post-secondary education.”

Ryan’s agenda is a small government one, where many Americans are left behind. Mitt Romney by default endorses the Ryan budget proposal named Path to Prosperity. The plan cuts Medicare spending but does nothing to the extremely bloated military spending of over $600 trillion. Ryan’s priorities are not those of the American people and this November Americans must rebuke this right-wing agenda.

Despite the fiscal hawk portrayal of Representative Ryan there is an obvious hypocrisy. His plan will reduce the tax burden on the wealthiest Americans: The top .1% would get a $773,000 tax decrease. How can a person who wants to get our fiscal house in order also be in favor of massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans? It would be like a household that wants to decrease its debt by giving away money to its friends. The Romney/Ryan ticket will undue years of the American promise, undermining the middle class and the American dream. So, get out and vote!

**Campus Vote Project is a great way to get involved. The website will give you all the tools necessary to get your campus to vote. You can be a representative on your campus and work directly with Campus Project.