Taylor Swift Boyfriend: Music Queen Could Get Drawn Into the Kennedy Curse


Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy’s short relationship is turning out to be a serious one. Reports indicate that the country singer purchased a $4.9 million home across the street from the Kennedy family compound on Cape Cod. But does Swift want to get involved with a family with a dark history?

We recently saw a manifestation of the Kennedy’s unfortunate history when Mary Kennedy, wife of Robert Kennedy Jr. and mother of Swift’s new 18-year-old sweetheart, committed suicide in her home in Mount Kisco, New York, on May 16. Mary and Robert Kennedy had four children together. 

Swift and Conor Kennedy’s relationship has been a great help following the death of his mother a few months ago. Tabloids indicate that Swift and the Kennedy’s have grown closer. The couple met through Conor’s grandmother, Ethel, who also owns a property near the Kennedy summer home and Swift’s newly purchased abode.

The political family has a streak of bad luck spanning several decades. The 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas is often referred to as the most significant example of the family curse.

“The Kennedy Curse” is said to have begun when Rosemary Kennedy, JFK’s sister, underwent a lobotomy to treat a mental condition in 1941. The procedure wasn’t successful so the family kept her in an institution until 2005, when she died. Robert Kennedy, grandfather to Conor Kennedy and brother to JFK, was assassinated shortly after winning the California Democratic primary in 1968.

In 1997 Michael Kennedy, one of six children of Robert F Kennedy, died in a bizarre skiing accident while playing football in Aspen, Colorado. Two years later, John F Kennedy Jr, son of JFK, died in an airplane crash when he drifted off course and crashed into the ocean on his way to Martha’s Vineyard.

Despite Swift and Conor Kennedy's their happiness together, the family’s record has people apprehensive of the future. Fans of the country star would be devastated if anything were to happen to their favorite singer.