Donald Trump Halloween Costume Is Taking Over Twitter —Here’s the Proof


There's a Donald Trump in all of us — and it comes out on Halloween. Trump is taking over social media, and not with one of his usual Twitter rants. The front-runner GOP presidential candidate is the highest-trending costume on Google right now, and it's been made quite apparent on Twitter.

The boisterous business tycoon and presidential candidate has made headlines this year for his sexist comments about women's physical appearance and menstruation, his aggressive campaign policies (like building a wall between the United States and Mexico), and the sheer fact that he's somehow the top-polling Republican presidential candidate. 

In the latest Trump news, everyone and their dogs are tweeting pictures dressed as Trump for Halloween — literally, the costume is not limited to humans. Canines and humans alike are strutting their best Trump impression on social media, complete with the trademark "Make America Great Again" caps, toupees, mild kissy-faces and trash bags. 

Here are some winning Trump looks: