This Female Poet Has a Powerful Poem That Tears Apart Anti-Abortion Activists


"But I'm thinking that if your god really wanted you in my pants, he'd have made you me."

Those are just some of the strong words performed by Theresa Davis during the preliminary round of the 2015 Women of the World Poetry Slam in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in March. 

Davis' poem, addressed to anti-abortion activists and politicians who attempt to legislate women's reproductive healthcare, attracted attention after a video of her performance was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday.

"My body is not yours to pump, lobby or legislate," she says. She also argues men have no right to restrict women's access healthcare given they will never be directly impacted by it: "Since you cannot walk in my shoes, I'mma need you to take them off." 


She does, however, invite those trying to legislate women's reproductive rights to join a larger conversation about social justice. "But if you want to talk about fair housing, equal pay for women, educational benefits that ensures each and everyone of my babies goes to college, if you want to talk about healthcare and basic human rights, I am down for that," Davis says. 

"But if all you want to discuss is how you think I should honor my body, you are wasting your breath," the slam poet continues. "You cannot dick-tate who lives in my womb or who is evicted. And how dare you suggest I get over it? No matter how many times you say it, there's no such thing as legitimate rape."

Davis directly addressed GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum, a staunch Catholic and vocal anti-abortion advocate who once described Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling protecting a woman's right to an abortion, as "the cancer that is infecting the body of America." 

Santorum is just one of a company of Republicans who have been fighting to defund Planned Parenthood, an organization devoted to women's reproductive healthcare, which also offers abortions.

"And for the record, Rick Motherfucking Santorum: Women?" Davis says in the video. "Yeah, we taught the world how to make lemons lemonade."

"So, until the day your head screams violation, your blood begs for its breath and you lay battered, broken so far in a sea of your sacred spaces, while those, who are supposed to protect, create laws that make you target, victim, agenda, inconsequential, as they abort your dreams, while celebrating your injustice, the day another human being falls from your body like grace, that's the day you get to walk in my shoes."

"But until then, politicians," Davis concludes, "I just need you to know that when you try to get all up in here, uninvited... Yeah, me? I'll be shutting that shit down."