Adele Reveals Exact Meaning of "Hello" in 'Rolling Stone' Interview


In an interview with Rolling Stone published on Tuesday, Adele revealed the true meaning behind "Hello," the hit single off the musician's upcoming album, 25

Per the artist herself, the song is not about any individual, particularly the lost love who inspired Adele's previous record, 21. "If I were still writing about him, that'd be terrible," Adele told Rolling Stone. "'Hello' is as much about regrouping with myself, reconnecting with myself." 

According to Adele, the lyric "Hello from the other side" wasn't intended to come across as dark. "It sounds a bit morbid, like I'm dead," Adele said in the Rolling Stone interview. "But it's actually just from the other side of becoming an adult, making it out alive from your late teens, early 20s."

Adele's comeback from a three-year hiatus was marked by the single's record-breaking release. The video topped 23 million views in less than a day, setting a new Vevo record. That title was previously held by Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood," which drew 20.1 million views in 24 hours.

Below is the track list for 25, which is slated for a Nov. 20 release.

1. "Hello"

Read the full interview at Rolling Stone.

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