The New John Lewis Christmas Advertisement Is Giving Viewers All the Feels

A seasonal Christmas advertisement for Britain's upscale department store John Lewis has already been seen well over a million times since being uploaded to YouTube Thursday, giving viewers all the feels just in time for the holidays. In the two-minute trailer, a young girl living on Earth makes contact with an older man living on the moon by sending him a gift in the form of a telescope.

The man, who appears to be living in a crater by himself, finally spots the little girl after she fails to get his attention several times. The girl watches the old man go about his days through her family's telescope. Finally, during a holiday party held at the girl's home, a package carried by balloons is sent to the moon containing a gift wrapped telescope. 

The video has been circulating across social media, with users expressing their love for the Christmas advertisement:

Here's the video:

John Lewis is a chain department store founded in 1864. The annual Jon Lewis Christmas advertisement often plays on the magic and spirit of the holidays. OnThursday, the department store was playing the two minute advertisement on the front page of its website.