Donald Trump's Version of 'Hotline Bling' Will Ruin Drake's Dancing For You Forever


People are pretty split on whether Drake's video for 'Hotline Bling' proved the 12-time number-one single rap artist was a good dancer. 

Some settled on a positive assessment of Drake's flow. Other critics were either bewildered by Drake's dance moves, concluding they were so bad they were good or that he was simply working on a meta level beyond a non-abstract explanation.

The Nov. 8 edition of Saturday Night Live nailed the confusion with a solid sketch featuring the show's cast as dorky middle-aged men doing their best to groove to a version of the track retooled with the lyrics "we swear it's cool to dance like this."

The most indelible image of the parody was probably none other than host and Republican presidential contender and Donald Trump mocking Drake's moves, chanting "call me on the cell phone":

Whatever you think of Trump the man, it's definitely going to be hard to look at Drake's dance moves the same way again. It's also, as Vanity Fair's Joe Reid writes, "the GIF-able moment his campaign was likely looking for."

Trump's version of "Hotline Bling" is, for the record, much more self-aware than fellow contender Ben Carson's hip-hop campaign song, which rapper Talib Kweli recently gave an "F" rating in the Washington Post ("because there is another word that starts with F that Kweli used in describing the song.")