Sparkle Movie: Rihanna and 6 Other Black Actresses That Could Pull Off the Whitney Houston Role


This Friday there will be more than a spark of interest in the new movie musical Sparkle, the movie is set to remind millions of fans why Whitney Houston is true legend. The film, which is a remake of the 1970s film of the same name, stars Houston as the mother of rising star Sparkle, played by American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. To be released Friday, Sparkle is actually Houston’s first big-screen movie appearance since her role in The Preacher’s Wife in 1996. Sparkle was meant to be the final step in Houston’s career comeback (she was also set to perform at the Grammys in February), however, her untimely death left her fans wanting more than she could give.

With all the buzz around Sparkle, people are already itching to see Houston onscreen again, though this time in the form of a biopic. Considering the incredible career of the pop diva, a biowill surely be made. However, biographies are no easy feat; it can be nearly impossible to capture the entirety of a person’s life onscreen. Yet when done right, these films can be a boon to the actor and give the person portrayed a worthy tribute.

There are already a few big names being dropped by actresses, so here are seven women who have what it takes to do Houston justice. 

1. Brandy Norwood

The singer-actress has called Houston her mentor, this would give the star great insight into the internal workings of the pop diva.

2. Rihanna

She's America's new pop princess and she has made it very clear that she is open to playing Houston in a movie. However, her lack of acting experience and her less-than-stellar vocals may not be enough to make her a believable Houston. 

3. Jordin Sparks

She might be new to the acting game, but Sparks definitely has the vocal chops to carry off some of Houston's biggest hits like "I Will Always Love You." Plus, she is one of the last people to work with Houston, which may give her some perspective into the singer's last troubled days.  

4. Carmen Ejogo

Not quite a household name (yet), the actress also worked with Houston in Sparkle. Her relative anonymity could be her best asset, making it easy for viewers to believe her in the role of Houston. 

5. Kerry Washington

If anyone has the gravitas to bring Houston to life onscreen, it's Washington. The actress has done everything from light comedy to serious dramas, and she is known for her ability to fit easily into any role she plays.

6. Meagan Good













The "I-know-that-face" actress is the supposed frontrunner for the Houston biopic. The former child star has been in the acting game for a while, but her history of b-list movies makes it hard to believe she could really handle the weight of the movie.

7. Bobbi Kristina Brown

Who better to play Whitney Houston than her daughter, Bobbi Kristina? The only child of the singer is one of the few people that really knew – or understood – her mother, making her the perfect person to give a compassionate portrayal of the timeless diva.