A 'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Possible Spoiler Photo Is Circulating Online. Here It Is


As Game of Thrones fans mourn the loss of Jon Snow, many are looking for any indication of possible spoilers on the Internet ahead of the show's expected release in April. Fortunately for them, a photo posted by the show's director Miguel Sapochnik to Twitter may provide fans the much-needed hope that the show's former characters could make a full return in season six

Sapochnik posted a photo on Sunday of a clapperboard from the set of the 10th episode of the upcoming season — also set to be the season 6 finale — that is decorated with a white-and-blue design, along with the term "White Walker Unit" written at the bottom of the board.

The photo quickly made headlines across the web, with rumors the "White Walker Unit" mentioned in the clapperboard would mark Snow's return to the show to defeat the humanoid creatures calledWhite Walkers.

Meanwhile, others refuted the claim the Walkers and Snow were returning to the show's plot, including Sapochnik himself. "Sorry folks," Sapochnik tweeted following his original message going viral Sunday afternoon. "Whitewalker refers to the different crews on the show. Dragon unit, Wolf unit and new addition White Walker unit."

While it remains unclear whether the director is covering up his accidental spoiler, one thing is for sure: Fans are on the edge of their seats for Snow's return. For latest updates on season six, follow here.