Glitter Roots Is the Most Magical Hair Trend for Dry Shampoo Devotees


Another day, another playful and questionably bizarre hair trend — except this time, there might be some functionality to it.

Call us gross, but the glitter roots trend currently spreading on Instagram seems like the perfect hairstyle to go with dry shampoo. Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars seems to have sparked the latest interest in glitter roots, which entails taking a ton of fun glitter and sprinkling it strategically along the part of your hair. 


Hale's Instagram on Tuesday shouted out Aussie hair salon The Fox & The Hair, which has actually been playing with #glitterhair for some time: the photo that Hale reposted was actually a "throwback Thursday" pic from the hair salon. And there's more where that came from:

The salon aptly tagged the style as "festival hair," but let's be honest: When sprinkled right along the roots, the glitter would seem to serve a dual function as dry shampoo, the beloved powdery hair product that countless women sprinkle or spray in their roots to combat oil and droopiness.

Typically, the white-ish powder of dry shampoo is meant to be rubbed in and absorbed into the roots. But with chunks of pale glitter already sitting in your roots, proudly gleaming for the world to see, rubbing it in seems unnecessary. 

Instead of trying to hide the powder, we could just flaunt it:

Seventeen notes that the glitter roots "trend" (as much as we can definitively call it that) comes on the heels of rainbow roots, another hair micro-trend. But given the very real second-day hair function of glitter roots, we're thinking this one truly deserves to shine.

Plus, any hairstyle that uses products that can be bought at a crafts store for a few bucks ranks high on our list.

h/t HelloGiggles