Trump Video Accuses Carson of Being Either a "Violent Criminal" or "Pathological Liar"


The presidential election is less than a year away, and one of two leading contenders for the Republican nomination is accusing the other of being either a "violent criminal" or a "pathological liar."

Friday morning, Donald Trump continued his crusade against Ben Carson, the former neurosurgeon who has overtaken Trump in many national and state polls. Trump posted a short video to Instagram hitting Carson over Carson's long-told story that he tried to stab someone as a teenager. That story has come under intense media scrutiny since Carson has risen in the polls, and news organizations have raised questions about the veracity of his account of the incident.

Trump has seized the opportunity. On Thursday night in Iowa, he delivered a remarkable 96-minute diatribe in which he attacked Carson head on, saying he has a "pathological temper" and comparing him to a child molester. 

The video posted to Trump's Instagram account continued the assault. The video begins with old footage of Carson recounting the stabbing incident, then cuts to a CNN report showing a childhood friend saying the account does not fit with the Carson he knew.

Then, not unlike a horror movie, the video cuts to black, and twists the knife:


On Twitter, Trump made sure to point out the date to drive the horror-story point home:

Just asking questions! Check out the full video here: