Here's What These 9 Famous Girl Squads Would Look Like if They Were on Instagram

We all know that Taylor Swift's #squad must prove their continual love for each other via Instagram or else risk becoming sworn enemies of the state. But what would it be like if our favorite lady friends from back in the day (er, pre-2005-ish?) had social media? We imagine it'd be pretty much exactly the same! 

Here's what would happen if our favorite #girlsquads used Instagram, from the ladies of Sex and the City to the Plastics to the pluckiest group of 13-year-old babysitters in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. Taylor, Gigi, Cara: Eat your hearts out.

1. Sex and the City

Source: Eve Peyser/HBO

2. The Pink Ladies From Grease

Source: Eve Peyser/Paramount Pictures

3. The First Wives Club

Source: Eve Peyser/Paramount Pictures

4. The Golden Girls

Source: Eve Peyser/NBC

5. The Plastics From Mean Girls

Source: Eve Peyser/Paramount Pictures

6. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Source: Eve Peyser/cristiano/Instagram

7. Clueless

Source: Eve Peyser/Wikimedia Commons

8. The Craft

Source: Eve Peyser/Columbia Pictures

9. The Baby-Sitters Club

Source: Eve Peyser/Instagram

All artwork by Eve Peyser