This New Drawing Honors Victims of Beirut Terrorist Attack

A Scottish designer wants to remind everyone that victims of the Paris attack aren't the only recent victims of terrorism.

Days after artist Jean Jullien created the "Peace for Paris" image that was widely shared on the Internet as a symbol of solidarity, Kristian Labak shared a modified version of the illustration to symbolize an Islamic State attack in Beirut that killed 43 on Thursday. The global media has been criticized for skimming over the tragedy in light of Friday's Islamic State attacks in Paris that killed at least 129.

"I made this for people of a similarly timed tragedy to not feel forsaken," he wrote of the creation in a Twitter post, adding that he is aware such a post still neglects the other victims of injustice around the world. "Unfortunately I cannot create a symbol for everyone, but you can create your own, in your hearts if not in ink."

Labak also noted that all credit for the image goes to Jullien.