Lego Slippers Are Now a Thing, and Parents Everywhere Rejoice


What is the most painful experience known to humankind? Childbirth? Nah. Frostbite? Pfft. That awful sunburn you got last summer? Nope. 

Come on, you know the one...


There it is. 

That excruciating, agonizing, searing, piercing pain you used to get when you stepped on a Lego may officially be a thing of the past because, at last, someone has invented the Lego Slipper

Created by a partnership between the genius minds behind the French advertising agency Brand Station and the iconic Danish toy company, the padded slippers promise that you will never talk through a dark child's playroom in fear again. 

The simple-looking red and yellow slippers are manufactured with a heavily padded insole, a ridged outsole and a Lego insignia stitched on the top. 

Feel free to crush all of your child's precious block creations because nothing is getting through these comfy suckers, it would appear.

But, OK, here comes the bad news: Only 1,500 pairs are available and they'll only be given away to customers who create a "wish list" on the Lego France website. God willing, though, Lego will come to its senses and expand manufacturing for these beautiful creations, at least in time for when we all have children. 

Now that you're super sad that you didn't take French in high school and probably won't end up with a pair yourself, feel free to watch this transfixing video Brand Station posted on its Facebook page of the slippers being stitched together.  

h/t CNET