Adele's Isolated Vocals From Her 'SNL' Performance Leaked — And They're Incredible


The world didn't need more proof Adele was the truth. But here it is anyway. 

On Saturday night, on a well-deserved victory lap following the release of her beautifully simple 25, Adele appeared as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. She performed her record-breaking "Hello," and somehow the isolated vocals coming from her microphone found their way online. 

One can hear a little of the track's percussion coming through, but mostly it's just the queen of blue eye soul, unadorned and flawless. Watch a 40 second video of the performance with isolated vocals below, and listen to the full audio here.

Adele also took the stage to perform her latest hit "When We Were Young," released Tuesday, as a meticulously produced live performance. Her vocals sounded incredible during that video too, though it was harder to tell how much of it was adjusted in post. 

Here, with this take of "Hello," it's a little more assured we're getting our Adele raw. It's perhaps even more compelling when more of that human element seeps through. 

The moving ballad was also used during a SNL sketch to perform a Thanksgiving miracle, bringing together a divided family. Watch the sketch below.

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