Creationists Are Slamming the Google Doodle for Celebrating Lucy the Australopithecus

Google Doodles are meant to be fun and informative, but lately they've been cause for outrage.

Tuesday's Doodle is no exception. It features a primate, an Australopithecus (a close relative to humans) and a human, to celebrate the 41st anniversary of Lucy the Australopithecus' discovery. Lucy is thought to have walked upright and is considered to be an early human ancestor. 

Forty-seven of Lucy's 206 bones were found in Ethiopia in 1974 — about 40% of her skeleton

Evolution, of course, is an aggressively disputed topic (remember the Scopes trial, anyone?) and some creationists — and, probably, a few trolls too — have taken to the Internet to express their anger at Google for celebrating a historic scientific moment. 

"Google, I'm not a monkey!" one wrote. 

Another: "Google supports the THEORY of evolution. If evolution were true we wouldn't have monkeys around anymore, idiots!" (This idea is, of course, false.)

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