J.K. Rowling Just Answered One of Your Most Burning Questions About 'Harry Potter'

ByEJ Dickson

Given how active J.K. Rowling is on social media (like, to the point where she even responds to news outlets trolling her), you'd think any and every question you've ever had about the Boy Who Lived has already been addressed. Well, you'd be wrong. 

Rowling took to Twitter on Friday to answer one of the most common questions fans have about the final book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Considering how abusive potions master Severus Snape was to Harry throughout the series, why the heck did Harry decide to name his kid after him in the final book?

Of course, the book and film answer this question to some degree: Although Snape always hated Harry because he reminded him of his father James (who also happened to be Snape's boyhood rival), his love for Harry's mother Lily motivated him to dedicate himself to protecting Harry, ultimately sacrificing his own life to save him from Voldemort.

But diehard HP fans have been less than satisfied by that explanation, with the question of Snape's morality being one of the most contentious debates among fans. So Rowling took to Twitter to settle it once and for all: 

So there you have it: Snape is one of the most complicated villains in the history of Western literature. Now if only we could settle the question of whether Daniel Radcliffe actually masturbated on the Harry Potter film set, everyone would be satisfied.