Psy New Album 2015: Full Track List and Download Options for Latest Release


After Korean pop artist Psy simultaneously blessed and cursed the world with the viral song "Gangnam Style" in 2012, the international star released his seventh studio album on Tuesday, appropriately titled Psy 7th Album. It features and Ed Sheeran.

"I don't think another success like 'Gangnam Style' will happen to me again,"  Psy said Monday at a press conference at the Conrad Seoul Hotel in Yeouido, the Korea Times reported. "It is a miracle when songs full of Korean lyrics gain worldwide popularity. I cannot compare the new track 'Napal Baji' to 'Gangnam Style' and I don't want to." 

Psy 7th Album: The nine-track album features a track "RocknRollbaby" with and "Sing (Psymix)" with Ed Sheeran — a track that's only available by purchasing the whole album.

The nine-track album is available to purchase on Google Play.

Track list: 

1. "Dance Jockey"

2. "I Remember You ft. Zion T"

3. "Napal Baji"

4. "Daddy ft. CL"

5. "Dream. ft. XIA"

6. "RocknRollbaby ft."

7. "The Day Will Come ft. Jun In Kwon"

8. "Ahjussi Swag ft. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo"

9. "Sing (Psymix) ft. Ed Sheeran"

Though the 39-year-old singer and rapper can be considered a veteran, he first rose to stardom in 2012 when his K-pop song "Gangnam Style" turned into an international hit and inspired folks everywhere to learn the music video's awkward dance moves. 


Watch the music video for "Daddy," a track Psy released early on Monday that's already garnered TK views.