Adorable Cat Backpack Will Ruin Your Cat's Life While Immediately Improving Your Own


Cat owners of the world, have you ever looked over enviously at a dog owner carrying their pup around the city in a sizable tote? Have you ever had the thought, "Man, I really wish I could bring my cat to Trader Joe's," or maybe, "I wonder what my cat would think of the outside world?"

Well, cat lovers, it's time to rejoice, because the company U-pet, which specializes in pet accessories, has created what will be known as the cutest pet carrier of all time, and it'll work just perfectly for your curious kitty or your very small dog or rabbit. (But we vote cat.) 

May we introduce to you: The U-pet Innovative Pet Carrier.


We can barely handle this. 

Clearly, what makes them 100% adorable is that all of the ventilated carriers come with a little bubble window so everyone can admire just how cute your little pet's face is. 

"Give your pets a window to the world," the U-pet's website writes. "They also want to enjoy the scenery and interact with the outside world." If you're planning on carrying around your cat in a zipped-up case, that might not be true, but look at how goddamn adorable they are. 

He's a li'l astronaut! 


Call her Sally Ride because she looks like she's ready to blast off! 

The carriers have been around since at least 2014, but have recently gone viral because someone was lucky enough to see one of these carriers in public and, of course, post it to Facebook:


So far, the post has racked in more than 74,000 likes, some from people we assume will soon become customers. People who have already bought these packs on Amazon are big fans as well. Based on the reviews, these bags will make your life about 20x better.

"My cat is about 18 pounds so I got the largest size. He's snug inside but I can't stop smiling when I see his head fill up the astronaut bubble!!!!" one commenter wrote. (We can't even begin to imagine!)

Another: "With the bubble window, it makes me think of a tiny spaceship with a cat at the helm." (We know!)

Styles range from one with an American flag to a more streamlined retro one in several colors (see above). There are backpacks, roller bags and shoulder bags to choose from. There are enough colors and styles at this point to coordinate them with all of your outfits, and we say go for it. 

Just fucking go for it.


Except, well, there's some bad news: All bags on Amazon, which range from $69 to $129, are currently sold out. Some of the bags are indeed available via U-pet's website, but as you can imagine, they are going fast. 

So, if you feel like ruining your cat's life, now is the time. This is just revenge for clawing down your Christmas tree. 

h/t the Dodo