This Target Australia Ad Proves Diversity Just Isn't All That Hard, All Right?


Target Australia's latest swimwear advertisement is making waves (yep). Included in its most recent catalogue for Christmas, the photos feature six distinctly different models.

One model is what you'd usually see — a slim, young brunette. The others? With varying body sizes, races and even ages, they're a refreshing change of pace.


In what may be a response to criticism of a seriously slim model in its advertisements, Target Australia has made sure its customers know that their swimsuits are for everybody, at every age. 

Apparently, the people down under are really liking it. Posted on Target AU's Facebook page, fans are singing high praises of the inclusive ad over and over and over again.

"Seriously so impressed with this spread Target!" one reads. "Nice to see some variety with your models! They all look gorgeous."

"It only takes one brave company to bring the rest around to REAL," reads another. "Your new catalogue is brilliant. Thank you so much for representing ME."

On Tuesday, Target AU posted a high definition picture of part of the ad on its Facebook page with the caption, "Yay for looking good and feeling great this summer! We have a huge range of swimwear styles for all body shapes."

Target AU Facebook

The picture only garnered more praise from commenters, who posted things like "Thank you x a million! Now that i know what it looks like on a real human not a badly photoshopped version... I may actually buy it!" 

Even the models who participated seem jazzed. Mel Brady, the women with gray hair, posted the advertisement on her Instagram with the caption, "Very proud of how well I've done to represent my baby boomer demographic in a youthful way." 

This isn't the first time this year Target Australia (which is separate from the Target we Americans know and love) has made headlines by being inclusive. It debuted a new line of plus-size mannequins in its stores, which received a fair amount of praise from customers as well. The move also comes months after Target U.S. created similar swimsuit ads with models of various shapes and got rave reviews. 

At this point, Target Australia is setting a new standard, and we hope to see more ads like this once our summer comes.