These Muslims Got Jokes for Donald Trump's Insane Islamophobia


GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's latest poll boost came on Monday, when he called for a "total and complete shutdown" on Muslim immigrants seeking entry to the United States. 

Much to the horror of the stable-minded, the numbers indicate that the Americans wholeheartedly supporting the candidate's xenophobia are hardly outliers. And for many Muslims, suddenly the prospect of emigrating to the U.S. is looking less and less appealing. 

But living in outrage is exhausting. So now many Muslims are taking the opportunity to show the world that — surprise! — even they can have senses of humor.


All joking aside, there are a number of specialists and Muslims who fervently argue isolating Islam and its followers feeds into the Islamic State group's ideology and propagates the sentiment that Muslims are somehow different from everyone else. 

"The Islamic State are operating on the same fascist principles as Hitler, saying Muslims are the superior race and telling them they are different from everyone else," Farhan Khan Virk, a Muslim social and political activist in Pakistan, told Mic. Virk added that isolating the Muslim community only enhances ISIS' message.

"The West must realize we need to live together," Virk said. "Muslims need to be integrated into the community as equals. They need to be respected. Otherwise, nothing can be done to make a real change."

The fundamental problem with Trump's suggested ban, many have pointed out, is the conflation of a handful of terrorists with a religion of 1.6 billion people.

"The extremist ideology of ISIS is completely different from the peaceful faith of over a billion Muslims worldwide," Robert McCaw, government affairs department manager for the national chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told Mic

Added McCaw, "I look forward to a day when the Muslim community doesn't have to stand up and condemn every act of terrorism because the public knows it doesn't represent Muslims, just as Christians aren't held responsible for acts of violence committed by Christian extremists."

Will we one day look back on this whole ordeal and laugh? Not a chance. 

But sometimes, laughing through the pain is the only remedy. 

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