Stitches Disses the Game in New Song


Miami-based rap artist Stitches fired shots Wednesday with the release of a track called "Don't Fear Death Freestyle (The Game Diss)," which is a direct attack on rapper the Game. There's been bad blood between the two rappers for months now, according to Complex, which reached a tipping point last week when reportedly a member of the Game's entourage knocked Stitches unconscious outside a Miami nightclub.

The rapper addressed the incident in the "diss track."

"It's a dirty game, my own squad set me up," Stitches raps on the track, then talks about what he sees as a lack of loyalty and describes the incident at the Miami club as a "sucker punch," before the lyrics turn to violence. "That's my revolver, my problem solver," Stitches raps on the track. "And I'm sorry for your kids, they gon' lose their father."

The rapper, 20, posted a video to Instagram after the incident showing his injured face. "This shit don't make me or break me," the rapper captioned the post. "It taught me to literally trust no one." 

Stitches, who was born Phillip Katsabanis, previously performed under the moniker Lil Phill. Katsabanis released his first LP as Stitches, For Drug Dealers Only, on Nov. 24. Stitches has also released three mixtapes: No Snitching Is My Statement in 2014, Brick Bible on Aug. 14 and Supply & Demand on Nov. 13. Arguably his biggest hit, or at least the track he's most known for, is a cut titled "Brick in Your Face."

For all the gory details on "Don't Fear Death (The Game Diss)," here's a lyric video of the attack track: