Exposes Which of Your Facebook Friends Support Donald Trump


Eager to expose who among your Facebook friends supports Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump? Not every Trump fan wears their "Make America Great Again" hat everywhere they go, so now there's a helpful internet tool to identify the Trumpers and Trumpettes in your life.

Visiting while you're logged into Facebook will automatically take you to a list of your Facebook friends who have clicked "like" on Trump's official Facebook page. 

The site works by redirecting visitors through the same Facebook search function that allows you to search your friend list based on many different criteria — but searching for who "likes" Trump may be a little more unsettling than searching who among your friends likes, say, the movie Sister Act 2.

Charlie Neibergall/AP

Trump has been a controversial figure since he entered the race for the Republican nomination. He launched his campaign back in June by riding down an escalator into a crowd, then insinuating that immigrants from Mexico are drug addicts and rapists. Despite a string of statements that have been widely criticized as racist and inflammatory, he continues to emerge ahead in the polls.

On Monday, in a move that was criticized even by his fellow GOP candidates, Trump issued a statement calling for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S.. But on Thursday, new polls named him the frontrunner and suggested that Trump is more popular than ever.

So who exactly are these Trump fans who continue to support him? Well some of them may be your Facebook friends. There's one way to find out.

Use the tool wisely, though, because some facts about your friends just can't be un-learned.