Paul Ryan Shirtless Picture Emerges: He is Not That Ripped


Presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s highly anticipated shirtless photo is out, as obtained by TMZ. And, while the Wisconsin congressman looks in shape, the sight is nothing like what the hype about his famous P90X -- as well as the endless social media comparisons to actor Ryan Gosling -- might make you think.

To be fair and balanced, the shot was taken before the congressman started his demanding P90X work out – according to ABC News. This means that the picture obtained by TMZ will fail to quell the internet revolt originated since Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his VP pick a week ago.

The addition of younger Ryan to the Republican presidential ticket made the term “Paul Ryan Shirtless” one of the most popular terms on search engines like Google and others. In addition, a multitude of memes posted in Tumblr blogs such as "Paul Ryan Gosling" and "Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan" have proliferated depicting Ryan as some of sort of right wing playboy.

And the shirtless Ryan-mania is likely to continue as the only topless shot surfacing online so far is outdated. Fans (and foes) across the web will continue to wait for someone to leak a more current photo of the GOP VP to better judge if he is fit enough for the Oval Office.