DJ Khaled Got Lost at Sea on a Jet Ski and Snapchatted the Whole Affair


Hip-hop super producer and life coach DJ Khaled found his perpetual optimism tested Monday night when he got lost at sea riding his Jet Ski. Thankfully, he recorded the whole journey on Snapchat. He turned the ordeal into perhaps his most powerful lesson on the importance of keeping the faith in order to keep winning — in line with Khaled's usual inspirational logic.

The producer behind "All I Do Is Win" had a simple afternoon plan: to ride over to his neighbor Rick Ross' place for lunch. Video of his arrival, narrated and retweeted by Ross, circulated on Twitter all day Monday.

After an "amazing" meal, as Khaled later described it later, he began to head back. He was soon stopped by police, who Noisey noted have long tried to keep Khaled off his Jet Ski.


After the officer left, darkness began to fall. Khaled found himself unable to navigate himself back to shore. But despite his fear, he kept pushing ahead. "It's dark. It's so dark. It's so real out here right now," he said in his snaps. "The only reason you see anything is because I got the flash on."

It never got so dark that Khaled couldn't continue to bring his light and wisdom into this world, however.

"The key is to make it. The key is to win," he said in classic Khaled fashion. "The key is not to drive your Jet Ski in the dark. It's against the law at night, there's that. This ain't right." 

Several of the snaps are collected in the video below.

Eventually, Khaled made it home safely, confirming it on Snapchat and Twitter. "God is good," Khaled said, finally dismounting. "We made it. Never said it was easy to win."

He's now encouraging the world to learn from his mistakes — and most importantly, to keep winning.