Tom Daley Gay Rumors: Diver is the Justin Bieber of Britain


Thousands of Tom Daley screaming fans lined up overnight and under the rain to greet the 18-year-old Olympic bronze medalist (and author), and have a copy of the young star’s book My Story signed by the legend himself – reported Mail Online.

The book follows the diver's background and success, as well as the attention he has received since competing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics at age fourteen. The 18-year-old's bio also describes the tragic passing of the diver's dad -- who died in May of 2011 of a brain tumor. 

The turnout at the bookstore was so big that people who arrived first thing in the morning had to be turned away as Daley fans were lining up and camping out since the night before, waiting to get their "Daley fix" in the kind of frenzy seen at Justin Bieber's concerts and Apple products' releases. 

"It’s crazy to say the least, honestly, about a thousand people are here today and they’ve had to shut the queue because there were too many people turning up. Not once did I ever think that that was going to happen, so it’s crazy, it really is. I think my Dad would think this is quite funny actually," the diver said when addressing his fans. 

Daley became an instant sensation after winning bronze in the London Olympics, and predicting the demise of Chinese domination in diving as he and American diver David Boudia -- who won gold -- relegated other Chinese divers who were supposed to dominate after cleaning up in Beijing four years ago.