Mike Huckabee to Young Americans: "We Aren't Going to Give You Anything"


At the fifth Republican presidential "undercard" debate for low-polling GOP candidates, former Arkansas Gov. and social conservative favorite Mike Huckabee earned roaring applause by announcing his plan to get kids off their lazy butts to conquer the Islamic State group.

No, that's not an exaggeration.

In response to moderator Wolf Blitzer, who asked Huckabee about his refusal to put a cap on the number of ground troops he would send to fight ISIS, Huckabee responded, "I think we make a huge mistake when we say we're gonna do up to this. I think what we say is we're gonna do whatever it takes. If it's 10,000, if it's 100,000, if it's 3,000 sorties a day, if it's 5,000 sorties a day."

"We never tell our enemy what our limitations are, what we're willing and what we're unwilling to do," Huckabee continued. "And that's one of the mistakes that I believe we're making militarily."

Huckabee criticized President Barack Obama for cutting the defense budget by "25%" (actually 15%), before launching into a tirade about how young people would get nothing from a Huckabee administration other than the chance to fight ISIS.

"We have to get our military rebuilt from the ground up and all over America I hear young people say, 'Would you tell me what you're going to do? Would you give me free college? Will you make sure that I can have medical marijuana?'" the candidate said, pantomiming a whiny voice. 

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"You know what I think?" he continued. "We aren't going to give you anything! We're going to give you the opportunity to get off your butt and serve your country and secure your freedom, because if you don't, nobody else is!"

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Mic/Raw Story/YouTube

In other words, basically a George Carlin routine come to life.

Watch the full clip of his comments here: