Snapchat Update: Here's How to Add 5 Filters to Your Snaps


Before Wednesday, Snapchat users were forced to choose just two of the many filters — black and white, slow motion, time stamp, location stamp — available on the popular social media app. Now, Snapchat's latest update breaks through the binary filter limitation, allowing users to add more filters to their snaps. 

The update rolled out with the newest version of Snapchat 9.21 and allows users to add up to five filters on their Snapchat videos and three filters on Snapchat pictures. This means black and white, super fast motion and backwards videos of your dog just being a dog complete with both a time stamp and speed stamp can now be a reality. 

Here's how it works: 

1. Record a ridiculous personality video of yourself and your co-workers.

2. Scroll through filter options like you usually would. 

3. Once you choose the first filter, hold your pointer finger on the screen with one hand and scroll left for a second filter with your right hand. 

4. Repeat until you've chosen five funky filters — we chose the dark-toned filter, Manhattan location stamp, time stamp (that 2:30 p.m. feeling), backwards and fast motion — and voila!

GottaBeMobile also uploaded a video tutorial to YouTube:

In November, Snapchat introduced Story Explorer, a feature that allows users to further explore a particular story from Snapchat's city stories including New York, Los Angeles and Melbourne, among others. Users can scroll up on a story that sparks their interest to view other similar stories in that general location.