iPhone 5 Release Date: New iPhone Will Have a Weak Battery Because of Huge Screen


Apple fans probably can’t even take the wait. The next generation iPhone 5 is rumored to revolutionize the brand by adding key features that will mark the iPhone for renditions to come. That said, the company's stock is through the roof and looking to go even higher.

Thought we’re over just under a month away from the first unveiling of the iPhone, we’re already seeing key details emerge on what the phone will look like and how it will operate.

The most significant changes/ additions are features like such as LTE and NFC connectivity, a new processor, and bigger but thinner screen.

Apple will unveil the new iPhone and start pre-orders on Sept. 12 and release it on Sept. 21. According to iMore, Apple will expand the international rollout of the iPhone 5 in early October.

Earlier this week, Apple analyst Gene Munster suggested that Apple will sell 26 million to 28 million devices in its September quarter should its latest iPhone land 10 days before the end of the month. That and other business rumors have propelled the stock, where it is currently sitting pretty at close to $650 per share (anyone wanna go halfsies on a share with me?).

As PC Mag reports, at this point, "it seems likely that the new iPhone will boast a 4-inch screen. Thus far, all iPhones have had a 3.5-inch screen, but as competing Android devices push the limit of what the average hand can hold – the Galaxy Note has a 5.3-inch screen and might as well be called a baby tablet – Apple is clearly looking to challenge Android on screen size. It's likely that 4G LTE connectivity will be part of the iPhone 5 equation; the new iPad already boasts this option."

A weaker battery? We’ll see a slightly higher battery capacity, but one that'll be offset by the battery-draining 4G LTE capabilities. A massive 4-inch screen probably won't help there, either.

Smaller charging dock. The new iOS lineup will come equipped with an 8-pin dock connector, smaller than the current 30-pin port. Expect the new iPhone 5 and other new apple products to have these features.

Thinner touch screen. In August, Apple secured a patent for an in-cell panel, which adds touch sensors to the LCD so an extra touch-screen layer is unnecessary. The patent covers a "touch screen liquid crystal display. As noted by AppleInsider, the current iPhone 4S uses "on cell" technology, or a layer of touch-sensitive glass between some Gorilla glass and the phone's top glass. Merging those layers into one could shrink the screen size by half a millimeter. 

The price: it’ll be expensive? There have been a number of Twitter rumors claiming the new iPhone would cost $800. There was no confirmed source for the rumor, but it gained enough traction that "iPhone 5 $800" became one of the worldwide trending topics on Twitter. Thankfully, in the case of the $800 news the Twitter rumors seem to be just that; rumors. 

So what will it look like? A new video gives a good estimate of how the new phone will look in a user's hand. The report, by Macotakara, also includes information which indicates that the volume buttons and mute/vibrate switch may all be moved around. With the headphone jack now moving to the bottom of the phone, Apple has tweaked the component on its flex cable parts.  

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